Christmas Party 2015

January 16th, 2016

We held our Christmas  party for this year on December 14.Steve WF2S set it up for us and did a good job. Everybody had a great time. We had it at The ho Jack in Carlton and it went off very well. The meal was delicious with a chef even carving the meat for us. The gift exchange was fun and we hall had some good laugh  over the event. No Snow and a warm night brought out a lot of members. It was fun for all. My gift nobody wanted to take from me. It was mini toilet soup dispenser that yelled Don’t forget to wash your hands. It became annoying very quickly so I gave it to my Grandson and now he can annoy is Mother HAHA   


January 16th, 2016

This week I attended the Funnel of a another Ham and friend Joe  Ogozaly KC2IQT. He was only 58 years old. Joe got hit my a truck while crossing the road. He really should not have been out with his eye site so bad but was out just living life. It is very sad that it happen. I was impressed with the lives that he toughed. He was person of routine more then I know and it showed by the people that were there to wish him farewell. The older people around where he lived really enjoyed him and will surely miss him visiting them. Andy (his brother KC2HZM and his wife and her family put a lot of work and time into the service.He will be missed at the Ham Fest. He went to about all of them 

God Bless you Joe 

160 Meter Antenna

January 18th, 2015

Okay well I got myself a nice new 160 meter antenna it came from and is a sloper  I have it about 40 foot in the tree and sloping down about 60  foot long toward the ground. It really does work awesome. I’ve got about 23 states right now confirmed where would the G5 RV I had about 10 and I was struggling to get a now they hear me once and they come back to me the only problem is with his Texas I can hear it but they don’t hear me so I might try turning in a different way and see if that makes a difference. But is it new  it was only $65 quite cheap and it works very well and I’m enjoying it tremendously 160 is a pretty cool band. It’s just one more thing to try.

Christmas Party 2014

January 16th, 2015

This year we had our Christmas party at the Mason’s we had at catered which was very nice it was $15 a plate 24 people showed up and we did a gift exchange. I think we all had a good time I know I enjoyed it and we gave them a good. Jeff not a club member put the dinner on for us he had a crew of about three more people and we did give them a nice tip.

It was nice to have Ed and his wife be able to join us for it was handicap accessible and he was able to get his wheelchair in there without a problem. We had a fun gift exchange we had great desserts and I think everybody wants to do the same thing next year. I was very impressed with the turnout we had.

RTTY contest

January 15th, 2015

The RTTY contest was held the first weekend of the month of January it was a lot of fun we had a good time there were several people contest a not as many as other years but it was still good time things worked out quite well

Orleans Health talk

February 26th, 2014

On Feb 20 I made a talk on Ham Radio and the emergency response of radio. It went better than I though it would go with lots of questions from the group. It lasted about 1 1/2 hours with about 24 people in attendance.

Some other things that has happen is we now have a Facebook page to communicate on  the internet with.

Club Dinner

September 13th, 2013

On Sept 9 we had our Club Dinner at The Village Inn. IT was a good turn out and nice to see everybody there. The meal was good and the conversation interesting. Everybody there payed there dues so we did get a good start on that and we had the election of officers. It was nice to see  and visit with everybody


Special Event Flight of Five

September 7th, 2013

On Aug 23-25 The Orleans and Lockport Club  ran a Special Event form Lockport,NY and Home. It is called The Flight of Five. and I about the restoring of the First Locks on the Erie Canal. We set up at the site Friday night and started operating form there then. We also ran all day Sat but Sunday stayed at home. I feel it could have been better with more help and we did do pretty well with 217 contacts. The site location was not the best for HF but we did make some cool contacts. The Weather was good again and the ones that helped out was great. I only wish more would participate  in the club events. They take a lot of work to get set up and run. I did have fun and it was nice to chat with some hams I havn’t seen in a while form Lockport.

Lighthouse Weekend Aug 17,2013

September 6th, 2013

There was a lot of prep to go into the Light House event but it was worth it. Joe(KD2DTK) and I worked at it together so next year he can run it with someone else and be in charge of it. We got down there Sat morning and ran the G5RV from the top of the Light House to the Flag pole. It was a perfect fit. Being on the lake was a big help. The G5RV ran from NW to SE and worked very well. A second setup was tried but was not fesable with the operator we had. We need more operators. I am very thankful for the ones that showed up. We operated on Sat and Sunday from 8:00 till about 5:00 and had 341 other Ham  Operators contact us. The weather was perfect with very little breeze and mostly sun. The Light House asc. helped and brought out a easyup for us and the lady next door even brought up a cooler full of Water. The people coming through seems very interested and we meet a couple of new  ham operator. One even helped out on the next event. All in all it was a success and lots of fun. Thanks to Joe Wife we got a great picture for the QSL Cards

Steve’s Antenna Project

December 18th, 2012

Our Friend Steve got a new tower and a new stepper antenna. I am very happy for him and I’m glad to see him enjoying the hobby of Ham Radio. We were very lucky with the weather for it was good for most of the setup. Jeff had already dug the hole and poured the cement so that part was all done. The morning of the delivery was on time. The truck got there about 7:30 AM, but then the tractor would not start. We did figure out the problem with the tractor and we got the tower unloaded. Thank goodness that was the only problem there was. Everything else went very well.

Cranking the tower up and down got tiring but it was well worth it. We got the tower in place and working one day and then right after Thanksgiving we all came back and helped get the antenna up and working. We all went across the street for lunch and finished up with a full belly. It was a lot of fun and I learned alot. Steve not has a great setup that works great.

Good Luck Steve